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Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Friends Health Care Team can arrange for rehabilitation services for your loved one at home. Our therapists, many of whom are doctorate prepared, are here to help with your rehabilitation journey through activities that build strength and endurance. Their goal is always to restore the client to their pre-injury/illness level of function.

Rehabilitative Therapy

Physical or Occupational Therapy

  • Gait and Transfer Training

  • Fall Prevention Training

  • Pain Management Modalities (Ultrasound, E-Stim and Massage)

  • Individualized Home Exercise Programs

  • Muscle Re-Education

  • Home Safety Assessment

  • Adaptive / Assistive Device Assessment

  • Obtaining Adaptive Devices and Training in their Safe Usage

Speech Therapy

  • Swallowing Evaluation / Dietary Recommendations for upgraded diet

  • Aspiration Prevention Program / Strategies

  • Aphasia Program

  • Restoring language and communication skills

  • Compensatory Strategies for Coping with Cognitive Loss

Medical Social Services

  • Consultation regarding financial, social, and/or transportation problems

  • Assistance to establish long term plans, crisis intervention, and counseling

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