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About Friends Health Care Team

The founder Rebecca T. Cho, RN, MSN came to the United States of America as a teenager with her family. She learned to appreciate cultural, linguistic diversity in America as well as meeting individual needs. She worked as a nutritionist and as a nurse at local hospitals. With her heartwarming management and professional experience, she is leading Friends Health Care Team to become a reliable service organization to our community.

Caregiver with Patient

Our Process

We select our Care Team Members through a stringent hiring process. During in-depth interviews, we look for compassion, attentiveness, and reliability, followed by written exams and hands-on skills assessments.


Current State and Professional Licenses

Baby With Shoes

Criminal Background and Child Abuse Clearance

CPR, Emergency, First Aid Training and Certification

Checking Blood Pressure

Multiple Reference Checks and Nursing Competency Evaluations

Empty Classroom

Our Quality Guarantee

We tailor our medical services to fit your cultural, language,

and family needs to support your recovery.


We also allow you to interview the selected caregiver applicant

so that you can choose who is right for you and your loved one.

Friends Health Care Team supervisors will ensure the quality of care with personal client visits. Our caregivers are also required to demonstrate their competency annually with hands-on skills assessments and performance evaluations.​

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