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Client and Family Centered Services

Creating Caring Moments

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Mission Statement

Friends Health Care Team is dedicated to providing excellent and affordable home care services. Our Goal is to meet the client’s medical/non-medical needs in the comfort of their home.

Caring Philosophy

Our service philosophy is based on creating “Caring Moments” and a “Love & Heart-Centered Caring" practice. We invite clients and family members in care planning. We listen to our clients and families' needs. We will be your Friends and Partners when you need us most.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide caring, dependable, professional staff for children, adults and seniors. We have a highly qualified group of Care Team members with experience in many specialty areas including critical care, geriatrics, infants & children’s care, and client/family education.

How can we help?

Professional and quality care provided by our Personal Care Aides (PCA) and skilled nurses

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