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About Us

thumbnailThe founder Rebecca T. Cho, RN, MSN came to United States of America as a teenager with her family. She learned to appreciate cultural, linguistic diversity in America as well as meeting individual needs. She worked as a nutritionist and as a nurse at local hospitals. With her heartwarming management with professional knowledge and experience she is leading Friends Health Care Team to become a reliable service organization to our community.

Mission Statement

Friends Health Care Team is dedicated to provide excellent and affordable home care services. Our Goal is to meet the client’s medical/ non-medical needs in the nurturing environment of their home, minimizing the impact of the client’s condition on the family while respecting their role in the care of the client.

Friends Health Care Team is dedicated to provide the clinical and personal care to achieve utmost clients’ physical, spiritual, emotional well-being through unconditional acceptance.

Friends Health Care Team’s Caring Philosophy

Our service philosophy is based on Jean Watson’s Caring Theory. We build special caring relationships with clients through “Caring Moments” and “Love/Heart-Centered Caring practice implementation. We invite clients and family members in care planning. We listen to our clients and families for your needs. We will be your Friends and Partners when you need us most.

Duty to Our Community

Friends Health Care Team strives to become a reliable service organization to our community. Friends Health Care Team believes in providing education to the clients, to their families, and to their friends to improve the health of our community.

Our Promise to Clients

We promise to provide caring, dependable, professional staff for children, adults and seniors. We have highly qualified group of Care Team members with experience in many specialty areas, including critical care, geriatrics, infants, children’s care, patient/family education and disease management within their specialties. Friends Health Care Team will support our employees through continuing educations and our employees are dedicated to the provision of comprehensive quality care which is client-centered and client-family-centered, provided in their choice of residence.

Vigorous Hiring Process

We select our Care Team Members through stringent hiring process. During in-depth interviews we seek for their compassion, attentiveness, and reliability, followed by written exams and hands-on skills assessments.

We thoroughly verify:

  • Current state licenses
  • Criminal, background/drug & child abuse clearance
  • CPR/Emergency/First Aid Training & Certification
  • Multiple Reference Checks
  • Ongoing Nursing Competency Evaluations and In-Service Training

Client and Caregiver Matching
We tailor each case carefully to meet your needs not only medically but also your culture, language you speak, family schedule and their capacity to support your recovery. Our goal is to create the optimal environment for your recovery. We also allow you to interview the selected caregiver applicants so that you can choose who is right for you and your loved one.

Supervision and Quality Control

Friends Health Care Team supervisors will visit clients to observe performance of care and survey our services to ensure the quality of care. Our caregivers are also required to demonstrate their competency annually with hands-on skills assessments and performance evaluations.