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Welcome to Friends Health Care Team

main imageFriends Health Care Team is dedicated to providing the clinical and personal care to achieve utmost clients’ physical, spiritual, emotional well-being via unconditional acceptance. Our philosophy of practice includes wisdom, respect, mercy and unconditional love toward clients. Friends HC Team shares kindness, caring and friendship among clients and their families as we strive to build the special relationships through “Caring Moments” every day, well known by Jean Watson’s Caring theory. We promise to listen attentively to our clients and families. We will be your Friends & Partners when you need us the most.

Our services are tailored for each individual client. Your Plan of Care will be based on your physician’s recommendations, your age, the family situation and your functional capacity. In the comfort and security of your own home, we will provide the care you need.

Patient/Family-Centered Services for All Ages, Respecting Cultural & Linguistic Diversity.

We have bilingual staff in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages.

Services WE OFFER

Friends Health Care Team has caregivers and home health professionals who provide care that is based on respect and compassion. The years of practice in their line of profession have made them experts at what they do. We closely work with you and your family so you can regain your mobility and independence while also finding ways to stabilize your health.

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